Hi all!

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing summer we are having. I wanted to give you all an update of a few changes that will be effective August 1st.

  1. First, my rates will be increasing from $85/hour to $95/hour.

  2. I will no longer be offering 1 hour time slots. Too often I have found there is not enough time with 1 hour slots, but I will offer some leniency with this. If you are expecting an especially small party with 5 or less children, I am willing to make an exception. Please email or text me if this is your case!

  3. Lastly, Sundays are now OPEN TO BOOK!

There is time between now and the end of July to book your event at the lower rate. Click here to get on my schedule, or click the “book now” tab on my site.

Looking forward to seeing some more familiar faces this summer!

As always thank you for your continued support,

❤️ Katy (Tutti)

Photo credit: @luisromerovisuals

2017 Spring Update


I wanted to break the radio silence over here and give everyone an update on what's new.

First, things with Tutti are taking off! It's Spring time and we are gearing up for Summer. I'm so very grateful for my clients from last year and for new clients that are calling in to book events with me this year - thank you! I am excited to get out in the sunshine and see all of your smiling faces.

A big part of the lack of posts these past several months has been that I'm going school full-time. Being a stay-at-home-mom and full-time student (and part-time fun-professional) is exactly the kind of crazy it sounds. Things are busy! Fortunately, my favorite human being (aka husband) is a master at encouraging me and doing his daddy thing. This wouldn't be possible without his support!

I also want to share with you that we are expecting (another) baby to join our family in August! I will be working through the summer, but I will be taking a few weeks off near the end of my pregnancy around late July and August. 

I am so excited about this year and sharing new memories with you, your co-workers, colleagues, families, and friends. I love having the opportunity to spread joy. I mean... it's a big job, but someone's gotta do it.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Spring and Summer!



The Mom I Want to Be


My biggest fear is that after nurturing, loving, and raising my children, they will grow up and realize they don't even like who I am.

I want nothing more in my life than to love my kids the best I can - without condition. But there's something about having the love reciprocated that would make me feel the legacy I am leaving behind is cherished.

So, just like I did as a girl in my adolescence thinking about what I'd want in a future husband, I made a list of 7 attributes I want for my future self as a mom.

1. Peace

I want to be the mom who is at peace with how I have raised my children. I don't want to feel regret. I want to feel peace. Peace for doing my best, and peace for making mistakes - I make a lot of those... But I want to be able to forgive myself better for them.

2. Confidence

I want to be the mom that is strutting her awesome mom-ness and owning it. I really lack confidence at times, especially around other parents I respect. I want to be able to feel confident enough to own the choices we have made as a family. Our lifestyle choices, our family values, the way I carry my baby around, worry about the health of my children, constantly look like a complete mess... I really hope I'm still not second-guessing my-future-mom-self.

3. Humility

I want to be the mom that doesn't trump her own horn. I don't want to expect I deserve anything. Because I really don't. I decided to have these kids. No one asked or forced me to have these children or live this life I'm living. I chose this. There are times I fall into that mode of thinking, that I deserve to do blank because I spent all day with 3 screaming children. And it makes me grumpy, depressed, and an overall awful human being. I want to be able to feel broken when needed, communicate that with my loved ones, and work through it.

4. Strength

I want to be the mom that is a force to be reckoned with! As my kids get older I feel like it will be increasingly harder to let go of my wants for them and support their own desires. I want to be passionate about who my kids are, what they like to do, what they choose to look like, what they aspire to be. I want to not only be okay with their choices, I want to be their cheerleader. 

5. Independence

I want to be the mom who has an identity outside of her mom-life. Of course, I do feel like this now, but my kids are 6 and under and depend on their mommy for so much. So my non-mom-life is nearly non-existent. When I am my future-mom-self, I hope to be reveling in both my mom life, and non-mom-life. I want to be intentional about spending time with my friends, loved ones, and in my community. I want to always make time to work on what I'm good at, because that's what keeps me feeling like I do have a non-mom identity, and I'm curious to see what it turns into.

6. Respect

I want to be the mom that is respected by my kids. I have a strong-willed child and there are times I want to rip my hair out because he consistently challenges my authority. That really got me thinking though... what have I done to earn his respect? Or have I always just expected it to be there?  I don't want to always think that I deserve to be respected. That's just not how respect works. I not only hope to be respected by my children, I hope to be worthy of their respect. Both now and in the future.

7. Love

Lastly, I want to be the mom that loves through everything. The hard. The easy. The beautiful. The ugly. The boring. The exciting.  E v e r y t h i n g .  Always. These little individuals that were given to me are the greatest joys of my life, and I want to do right by them. I want to give them every single ounce of love I have the capacity to give until the day my heart stops beating and my body turns cold.

They are so, so worth it.


5 Ways to Communicate More Effectively With Your Child

I may not be an expert when it comes to child psychology, but I do have some experience communicating with wild (and mild) kiddos. Here's what I've learned:

1. Get on their level

Literally. We are towers above our little ones, and the simple act of physically lowering our bodies to face them can help your child relate more to you and, in turn, feel closer.

2. Surprise them with silly

My kids are always more pliable after I've been serious for a period of time and out of nowhere make a funny face. We all get a laugh out of it! Laughing together increases the bond between us, and breaks up a sometimes monotonous day.

3. Ask questions

Kids are just small people that want to be taken seriously. They are used to being "sshh-ed" and told what to do. Taking that extra few minutes to simply ask your child "What do you think about that?" or "How does that make you feel?" can help them feel more understood and important.

4. Play

I'll be honest, this is something I don't do enough. I'm fortunate to have kids that play well by themselves and together, which fuels me to get work done since they are behaving. But on the days I sit with my kids and build train tracks, lego spaceships, or run around in the backyard playing tag, I feel most plugged-in to them. And I think the feeling is mutual.

5. Listen

This one goes hand-in-hand with asking questions. Our children crave our attention. Sitting back and listening to your child can have a profound effect on your relationship. Even though I don't always feel like it, I never regret it. I love listening to my kids' stories, their wildest dreams, their passions. I want to remember everything within those moments -- even the 9-legged triceratops who had a birthday party in our attic. 

I realize that many of these are common sense, but let it serve as a reminder to us:

The little things always matter. 

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hello World Wide Web!

This is my first blog post, and I thought before covering topics that relate to my work, I should tell you a bit about myself.

Starting from the beginning, I was born and raised in Los Angeles County. I became a clown in 2005 as a fresh-faced freshmen in college, and began clowning all throughout Southern California. It wasn't until I got married in 2011 that I moved -- to Florida. My husband was a Navy musician at the time and was stationed in Florida.

Here's a throwback to me and my husband on our wedding day...

So in love...

So in love...

Just kidding. That was our actual wedding ceremony months after our wedding day. Here's the real day.

My favorite photo of us. ever.

My favorite photo of us. ever.

Aren't we adorable?

In Florida, I decided to continue clowning and re-invent myself. I needed a serious makeover. 

This photo is hanging in the Clown Hall of Shame

This photo is hanging in the Clown Hall of Shame

So I got out there and met some other clowns who mentored me (yes, clown mentorship is a real thing). With their guidance, I found my inner clown.

I don't  miss having to wear a wig in the Florida heat...

I don't  miss having to wear a wig in the Florida heat...

I performed in Florida for the short time we were there. Then we ventured on to Chicago where I continued my work. It wasn't until after having my second son in 2013 that I decided to go into business for myself.

I'm mildly obsessed with my kids, so any chance I get to show them off I'm going to jump at.

I'm mildly obsessed with my kids, so any chance I get to show them off I'm going to jump at.

I loved being my own boss, and getting to know each of my clients before an event was a great bonus. There was no turning back. 

When our time was up in Chicago, my husband got out of the Navy. He got accepted into a doctoral program at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where we planned to move.

We moved to California with so much excitement of what was to come...

...Only to realize we didn't belong there. 

There's something to be said for those California sunsets...

There's something to be said for those California sunsets...

We were all unhappy in the situation we were in, doing the daily tasks we were doing, fighting traffic, and people. People are EVERYWHERE there. Our health was going down the drain and -- surprise!

I got pregnant. 

Hi World!

Hi World!


There were a number of factors that lead to our decision to move... The underlying theme was for quality of life. We never expected we'd end up in the Pacific Northwest. But after spending some time in Eugene and the surrounding area, we absolutely fell in love. This is where we wanted to raise our family.

It was a pretty hard sell for us... can you tell?

It was a pretty hard sell for us... can you tell?

We moved, settled in, and had a baby!

(I wish it was all as easy as it sounds...) 

If perfection had a face this would be it!

If perfection had a face this would be it!

I took nearly 8 months off of work and was really missing that part of my life. I was still settling into a routine with 3 kids, but I decided to try out Eugene's Holiday market on a whim.

So. Many. Balloons.

So. Many. Balloons.

I met some wonderful artists and people at the market, it's an inspiring place to be!

I realized soon after that I needed a serious business makeover. With the help of my husband, who is currently in the Arts & Administration Graduate program at University of Oregon, I began learning to use programs for graphic design. And he has helped me find what exactly it is I want to say. 

Side note: I don't know what I did to deserve a husband who continues to be so supportive and encouraging through everything. All while just being the all-time best person I know on this planet.

So dreamy...

So dreamy...

And here is where I am currently! A year ago I would not have been able to predict where we are now. Going through all of the terrible and horrible gave us so much more meaning and purpose in our lives. And for that I will be forever grateful.

My life.

My life.