Who is Tutti?

Katy, aka "Tutti", started working in children's entertainment in 2005 as a college student trying to make a few extra bucks. After working weekends for a few years, she realized just how much she enjoyed the creative freedom that came from performing at parties and special events. She has a background in music and performance, going to the top performing arts school in southern California, Orange County School of the Arts. Katy has always been passionate about music and working with children, which is why the name "Tutti" was chosen - in music, tutti means all together.

After marrying the man of her dreams, who was a Navy musician at the time, Katy began her own children's entertainment business. She has worked with a number of children's entertainment companies across the US, from Los Angeles, CA to Jacksonville, FL, to Chicago, IL, and now in Eugene, OR. Katy has truly cherished all of the joy she has spread across the country.

Outside of Katy's fun-professional life, she is a mother to three beautiful boys and, most recently, a baby girl. She is most passionate about her family, healthy living, photography and exploring the great outdoors.